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Elia Grazia

Beautiful ideas for a beautiful business.


About the “Elia Grazia” company

Elia Grazia is the Russian exclusive distributor since 2002 of professional cosmetic brands from Europe and the USA: LC Peel, AGT, French Laboratory, V Carbon System, IFiller, NAQUA, freshMinerals, Bellapierre, Marrakesh and this is not all! We are growing and developing, we are looking for new exclusive products for you.
We are a team of professionals: managers, cosmetologists with high-level qualification and experience in the cosmetology industry with the best international brands.
We value our customers and offer a wide range of cosmetic products. We are distributing only professional, certified and high-quality products. These brands have already earned the trust of our customers.
Our reputation is important for us and our business! Therefore, we offer only the best products for you! You can buy for business and for yourself the products from famous global brands of professional cosmetics for face, body and hair care.

Our mission:
• We believe that beauty will save the world, and we consider it our mission to let every woman look beautiful!
• Sold highest quality of products, coupled with affordable prices allows us to occupy a leading position in the market of aesthetic medicine. Because a wide range and consistently high level of service, we have earned the trust of leading clinics and private cosmetologists in Moscow and Russia.
You can also carry beauty and help us in our mission! Become our distributor in your city and all our privileges will be yours!

The advantages of our company:
• Wholesale purchases with the discount, affordable prices,
• A wide range of fillers and biorevitalizant, natural products for face, body and hair care that can be used after aggressive procedures,
• The best brands from Europe and the USA!
• Moscow Education Center conducts informative seminars, webinars and master classes,
• All products are stored in special conditions,
• No minimum order amount,
• Cooperation with individuals and legal doctors and cosmetologists
• Possibility of cashless payment,
• Promotions, discounts, individual offers,
• delivery of products in time
• Advertising support: printed materials, testers, samplers, social networks, etc.,
• Other nice bonuses.

The following global brands are included in the business portfolio of Elia Gracia:

  • iFiller
    (Контурная пластика)
  • iFiller Bioderm
  • iFiller Nucleo
  • Basic Promoitalia
  • AGT Bio
    Биоревитализирующие комплексы
  • AGT M
  • LC Peel
  • V Carbon
  • Naqua
    (Профессиональные пилинги)
  • V-Tech System
    Гибридная anti-age система с PDRN и пептидами в экзосомах

About education center “Elia Grazia”

The “Elia Grazia” education center has been training specialists in beauty and health industry since 2004. During the time of work of the training center, more than 3000 specialists have been trained and improved their skills. The center provides high standards of training in a wide range of training courses, professional trainings and seminars using modern forms and methods of conducting the educational process.

The education center “ELIA GRAZIA” provides high-level training in the following program: Mesotherapy and biorevitalization contour plastics, chemical peels, eye brow training.

Programs are focused on increasing the efficiency of professional activities of specialists and are based on practical cases, reviews of recent changes in cosmetology and medicine. All seminars are separate thematic blocks, so you can attend them in any sequence.

Practical classes are conducted in well-equipped classrooms of the training center, as well as in aesthetic medicine clinics, medical centers and beauty salons in Moscow and the Russian Federation. To work more efficiently, seminars are organized periodically in all regions of Russia.

Teachers of the training center are experienced certified specialists. Our teachers are highly qualified practitioners who daily apply their knowledge in practice. For successful work, seminars are organized with the participation of Moscow specialists.

Our specialists constantly travel to international symposia and exhibitions to receive training from world experts.

Every year we expand our range of innovative brands of aesthetic cosmetology, new training courses, modern ideas to share our work with specialists in the cosmetology and aesthetics industry, which means increasing their reputation and increasing the quantities of customers for them.